The Glitch Mob- Drink The Sea Part II:The Mixtape

The Glitch Mob is a trio of producers based out of LA and their debut album, Drink The Sea was released in May. Before Drink The Sea, The Glitch Mob had several singles, live sets from radio shows and gigs, a dozen remixes, and one very popular mixtape. Before Drink The Sea, they had toured the world and gained the attention of the electronic music community by bringing glitch into the mainstream. A ticket to a Glitch Mob show was hard to come by on the night of many shows. These venues were packed and the Mobsters always delivered the goods! The crowds adored them!

The anticipation built for two years until they finally released Drink The Sea, and to the dismay of many, it wasn’t full of the room warping bass lines and glitch-hop vocals that people were used to hearing. The album is AMAZING- it just wasn’t exactly what some people were expecting. How could people have expectations from a group that hadn’t even released one album? There are plenty of people who love the album, myself included, but you always heard the statement, “Yea, the new Glitch Mob album is BOMB,” followed by, “but I can’t imagine playing anything from it for a dance floor.” This mixtape proves us all wrong!

With Drink The Sea Part II: The Mixtape, Ooah, Boreta, and edIT have done it again! The mixtape takes songs from the album and creates a classic dj style mix with them and I can confidently say that I would drop any one of the remixes at any kind of show. I listened to the mixtape on repeat today, and when I say repeat, I mean MAJOR repeat… like 18 times. It is full of the sounds of The Glitch Mob- glitch-hop vocals, heavy bass, hauntingly beautiful synth lines, and futuristic beats. They made sure to include vocals from Nas, Lil Wayne, Dr. Dre, and Jay-Z, which will please many, and there is no lack of vocal loops mentioning “haters” and “everyone who doubted me is asking for forgiveness”. I doubt The Glitch Mob will have many haters over this mix! They have once again proved that they deserve their huge success.
Grab the mixtape here!
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