Sugarpill-Flow Goggles EP

Evan Sugarpill is a rising star in the bass music scene. He released an amazing mixtape last year on Chrome Kids called Suck on this Whompsticle featuring artists such as Mochipet, Rustie, Eprom, The Glitch Mob, Daddy Kev, and Lazer Sword. This year, Sugarpill released a remix on Mochipet’s Master P on Atari Transformed Vol. 2. He has been a mentor to many up and coming djs and producers by cofounding Abletontweets, “Unofficial Ableton Tips and Updates for DJs and producers alike.”

Sugarpill uses his knowledge of Ableton Live not only to propel his own musical career, but to help aspiring producers develop their skills as well.  He  is the kind of person everyone loves to see succeed, and succeed he did with Flow Goggles! This release is full of mind bending basslines and crazy glitched out bleeps and blaps, but is cohesive enough to get me moving in my seat to the point of being unsafe while driving. I’m definitely going to have to bring the neighbors some earplugs, turn on the subwoofer, and check this out LOUD! The quality of production and mastering is impressive for a debut release! I can see Sugarpill going big places with his talent. Expect to see him on the festival circuit next summer.
We will see Sugarpill’s debut EP out on Daly City Records September 14, and it is available early exclusively through Addictech.
Buy the Flow Goggles EP here.

Follow him on Twitter and Facebook, his Sugarblog, and be sure to tune in to his show on Tuesday nights from 9-11pm EST.

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