Subvert- Shambhala Mix 2010: J’aime Le Dubstep no70

Dubstep is a broad genre encompassing a vast variety of music.  Canadian dubstep has a much different feel than dubstep from the UK, and these are different from the different sounds falling into the category that are being made in Colorado and California.  The one thing that links all of these together is the throbbing, pulsating, chest rattling bass that pumps out of the speakers at every dubstep party.

Subvert is a Canadian “dubstep” producer who uses heavy accents of glitch-hop and has some drum and bass tendencies.

This is exactly the kind of dubstep I can get into!  Subvert is signed to Rottun Records and Muti music and his last EP Party Alarm was a huge success, as was to be expected after Speaker Humping and Dirt Nap. You will not be disappointed with this set from a few weeks ago at Shambhala, at the 13th annual electronic music and arts festival in British Columbia.

Thanks to Wicked Bad for hosting this mix!  Download it here! If you have problems with that link because of heavy blog traffic, try here (download by right clicking on the word “here” and save target as…)

Follow Subvert on Myspace and Facebook.

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