Eprom-Robot Sex Tape 2010

Eprom is a San Francisco based DJ and producer responsible for some of the craziest sounding lazer filled glitch-hop in existence.  He is a pioneer in this style of music we all love so much but can’t agree on what to call it- crunkstep, lazerblap, whompsauce…. basically it’s bass heavy electronic music that rattles your bones till it gets inside your brain and makes you completely insane on a music high.  EPROM has played alongside artists like Flying Lotus, The Glitch Mob, Skream, Lazer Sword, Kode9, Mochipet, Rustie, and many others.

His 2009 mixtape was Simple named 2009 Mixtape and in 2007 he released the mixtape Enter the Psyphy and his debut EP 64 Bytes the Dust.  After a summer of festivals, gigs and a European tour, Eprom still had the time to give us a mix for 2010! Robot Sex Tape is a collection of news songs and beats from Eprom and can be downloaded here!

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