Blunt Instrument- GlitchHop vs The Machine MiniMix

Blunt Instrument is quickly becoming one of my favorite glitch-hop DJ/Producer groups.  Based in Brisbane, Australia, Luke Latimer and Rocco Mico can make real magic happen with their broken beats and glitched up vocals.  They take their time with their creations to give everything a nice complete and polished sound, but somehow are able to get new songs finished posted on Soundcloud regularly, including their latest remix of Radiohead’s Street Spirit (Fade Out) and Dillinja’s classic Twist ’em Out.

Today, Blunt Instrument have made me happy again with the release of their new promo mix, GlitchHop vs The Machine MiniMix.  It includes some of their new tunes all dubbed with some sci-fi samples they dug up from a story called The Machine.  This mix has been on my must have list since they told me about it and it does not disappoint.  I am impressed with the huge strides they take at making their sound even better with every new release.

Grab the GlitchHop vs The Machine MiniMix here!

Follow Blunt Instrument on Twitter and Facebook.

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