NiT GriT-This Old Heart

NiT GriT is a 24 year old Dubstep/Grime producer from San Jose, CA. A quick look at his Soundcloud page gives an idea of the talent that lies within. In the last year, he has posted 33 songs (most of them with downloads enabled), has almost 9,000 followers and each song has around 30,000 plays with hundreds- sometimes thousands of comments and people favoriting the song.

When NiT GriT said he had a song to give away, never did the thought enter my head that the song would include samples from a song by The Isley Brothers, which Rod Stewart also covered. NiT GriT shatters all boundaries and expectations and makes music for the love of it. If the music calls for Rod Stewart samples, he’s not going to shy away from what is necessary. He has a way with dubstep that makes it interesting and complex enough to intrigue listeners with a huge variety of musical preferences. I wonder if my mom would like NiT GriT’s take on “This Old Heart” better than the original… I know that I do!

Download “This Old Heart” here (right click, save as…)

Follow NiT GriT on Facebook, Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

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One Response to NiT GriT-This Old Heart

  1. BeGlitched says:

    NiT GriT told me the samples were from The Isley Brothers version of the song, which is the original, but I found out today that the idea of using Rod Stewart samples makes me laugh so the story is staying the same (:

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