Eprom-Robot Sex Tape 2010

Eprom is a San Francisco based DJ and producer responsible for some of the craziest sounding lazer filled glitch-hop in existence.  He is a pioneer in this style of music we all love so much but can’t agree on what to call it- crunkstep, lazerblap, whompsauce…. basically it’s bass heavy electronic music that rattles your bones till it gets inside your brain and makes you completely insane on a music high.  EPROM has played alongside artists like Flying Lotus, The Glitch Mob, Skream, Lazer Sword, Kode9, Mochipet, Rustie, and many others.

His 2009 mixtape was Simple named 2009 Mixtape and in 2007 he released the mixtape Enter the Psyphy and his debut EP 64 Bytes the Dust.  After a summer of festivals, gigs and a European tour, Eprom still had the time to give us a mix for 2010! Robot Sex Tape is a collection of news songs and beats from Eprom and can be downloaded here!

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Lazer Sword-808 Mix

Lazer Sword is Lando Kal and Low Limit and they have been making the rounds of clubs from LA to New York City to Europe for years with their glitchy vocals and deep basslines. They have several EPs and singles out, have done guest mixes on various podcasts, and have two very successful mixtapes, Blap to the Future Megamix, and Sweatpants Money Mixtape.
Lazer Sword has released another mixtape and this time it’s all about the 808. The mix comes in advance of their much anticipated self-titled debut album set for release November 2 on Innovative Leisure. Thanks to International Tapes for hosting this awesome mix!

Grab the mix here!

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Beats Antique-Blind Threshold

Beats Antique is an electronic melting pot of dubstep, gypsy folk music and Middle Eastern melodies and anything in between. Zoe Jakes, David Satori, and Tommy Cappel have been performing together as Beats Antique since 2007. Their live shows often feature the violin, horns, accordions and many other instruments you wouldn’t even know the name of much less expect to see being played by band members wearing horse masks while belly dancing. Beats Antique’s tour schedule is rigorous and they are headliners of many festivals around the world including this weekend’s summer festival closer, Earthdance.
Blind Threshold is their fifth release and features glitchy, laser-guided harmonica provided by Blues Traveler frontman John Popper, vocals from Lynx, Swan Palermo and Eva Salina, and was mastered by the electronic music producer Dave Tipper. It is an amazing release that is even more complex and interesting in its layering of unique sounds and rhythms than their previous albums. Each new release sets the bar higher and higher and Beats Antique continues to amaze. Blind Threshold is most definitely my number one pick for Album of the Year. Be prepared to have your minds blown!

Download Blind Threshold here or their previous albums The Trunk Archives, Contraption EP Vol. 1, Collide , and Tribal Derivations.

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Album artwork by Andrew Jones.

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Lightning in Your Ear

Lightning in a Bottle is a festival that takes place annually In Irvine, California in May or early June to kick off the festival season. The festival features big name West Coast “dubstep” performers and DJs such as Heyoka, The Glitch Mob, Rena Jones, Beats Antique, Random Rab, Vibesquad, and the list goes on and on and on and on!!

Lightning in Your Ear is a compilation of music by performers from Lightning in a Bottle. All proceeds go to benefit Critical Beats for the Climate, an organization dedicated to passing on the wisdom of the tribal elders of the Amazonian Basin.

Download the compilation here and pay what you wish to help support this amazing organization!
Artwork by Ryan Johnson. Check out his site to see more amazing work by Ryan!

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Excision- Shambhala 2010 Mix

Excision has been taking the electronic dance music scene by storm since 2004 when he first discovered EDM at a young age. Shortly after, he founded Rottun Recordings based in Canada, which is responsible for spreading the filthy beats of Subvert, Innasekt, UltraBlack and over a dozen other dubstep artists.  Along with his now legendary series of annual Shambhala mixes, Excision has several singles and EPs out with artists such as DatsiK, DZ, Liquid Stranger, Endophyte, and Subvert.  Excision is one of the most sought after djs in the dubstep festival circuit, with shows around the world continuing through the end of the year.
The release of the Shambhala mix has been highly anticipated, as you can see from a brief glance at his Facebook page. Since the festival ended a month ago, his page gets at least 20 comments a day asking when he is going to put the mix online for download. To the relief of many, the universe has been set right again today with the release of this live mix. Download by copying and pasting this link in a new tab- download window should come up. http://excision.drugged.me/Excision_-_Shambhala_2010_Dubstep_Mix.mp3 Warn your neighbors, because it’s going to get loud and nasty!
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Signal Path- Imaginary Lines

Ryan Burnett and Damon Metzner of Signal Path released another free album yesterday on Bandcamp! The pair from Montana have spent close to a decade refining their live jam band style of music mixed with complex layers of beats and electronic sounds, making it distinctly Signal Path. Imaginary Lines is a masterpiece unlike any other. I have spent two days trying to find the right way to describe it and have come up with a million words that don’t make any sense together. I guess that means this album has rendered me speechless?!?! You go listen for yourself! You won’t believe your ears!

Download the album for FREE here!
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Subvert- Shambhala Mix 2010: J’aime Le Dubstep no70

Dubstep is a broad genre encompassing a vast variety of music.  Canadian dubstep has a much different feel than dubstep from the UK, and these are different from the different sounds falling into the category that are being made in Colorado and California.  The one thing that links all of these together is the throbbing, pulsating, chest rattling bass that pumps out of the speakers at every dubstep party.

Subvert is a Canadian “dubstep” producer who uses heavy accents of glitch-hop and has some drum and bass tendencies.

This is exactly the kind of dubstep I can get into!  Subvert is signed to Rottun Records and Muti music and his last EP Party Alarm was a huge success, as was to be expected after Speaker Humping and Dirt Nap. You will not be disappointed with this set from a few weeks ago at Shambhala, at the 13th annual electronic music and arts festival in British Columbia.

Thanks to Wicked Bad for hosting this mix!  Download it here! If you have problems with that link because of heavy blog traffic, try here (download by right clicking on the word “here” and save target as…)

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